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SHARKK Power Washer – 1600-Watt Electric Pressure Washer for Cleaning Projects Around The Home, Car Or Yard


JUST AIM AND SPRAY: Unlike many other advanced washer models, our pressure washer comes with a lightweight gun hose nozzle and a comfortable ergonomic grip and handle. All you needs to do is choose the right pressure setting for your job, point the nozzle directly on the mess, and pull the trigger. The powerful water jet will do the rest.
PERKS OF GOING ELECTRIC: Gas pressure washers are expensive and can be difficult to store and use quickly. Washers designed with a similar electric model to our Sharkk washer are advantageous to those looking for a more dynamic, portable and affordable option to efficiently complete their housing projects (while also choosing the obviously more eco-friendly option).
USE ANYWHERE OUTDOORS: Once assembled (using the easy-to-follow instructions guide), the Sharkk Electric Pressure Washer can handle any household cleaning project you need completed. Cleaning the exterior of a house can be the most difficult part of owning it – with important structures being exposed to the elements, you need a tool with POWER to do some jobs.