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Best XL Double Camping Hammock Waterproof Lightweight Parachute 240T Portable Hammock, 2 Heavy-Duty 1500 lbs Capacity Carabiners, with 2 Tree strap For Outdoor, Backpacking & Indoor 118″L x 78″W

$63.97 $22.49

STRONGER THAN THE STRONGEST – Get the double hammock that’s seriously strong! MsForce uses 240T nylon to create the camping hammock that’s waterproof, windproof, and capable of supporting up to 1500lbs.
SPACIOUS COMFORT – Why load your pack down with bulky sleeping supplies for 2? Pack less and sleep better with MsForce camping hammocks! We weave silky soft, high thread count nylon into an impressively large (114×37″) two person hammock. Prepare to enjoy truly unparalleled comfort!!
TRIPLE-DUTY FUNCTIONALITY – When you carry everything on your back, all of your camping accessories must be multi-functional and feather light, like the MsForce outdoor hammock. It’s 1.43 lbs. and built with 6 loops, so it can transform into a CAMPING TARP and TENT when nature calls. And since it’s windproof and waterproof, it’ll give you guaranteed protection against the elements in any situation.