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How to Install a Glass Shelf


Glass shelving is unobtrusive so it can fit many styles of bathrooms-from sleek modern to elaborate Victorian. You can find a wide variety of shelving available in home stores and online.Glass shelves fit any style Most glass shelves are held in place with metal mounts. How the shelves are secured to the mounts differs and how the mounts are attached to the wall also differs. Most shelves have a hidden bracket that is secured to the wall. The mount then slips over the bracket and is secured with a setscrew. The most basic models may have mounts that are screwed directly into the wall with exposed screws. The directions here are for shelving that uses hidden brackets.

If you are installing shelves on a tiled wall, mount the brackets in grout lines if at all possible to minimize the possibility of cracking the tiles. Many glass shelves have some flexibility in the distance between the mounts.

Tools & Materials

Eye protection; Pencil; Level; Drill; Glass shelf with mounting hardware.

Glass shelves fit any style and size of bathroom.They are held in place with metal mounts, which can be decorative, that are attached to the wall.

Assemble the shelfStep1: Assemble the shelf and shelf holders (not the brackets). Hold the shelf against the wall in the desired location. On the wall, mark the center point of each holder, where the setscrew is.

Remove the shelvesStep2: Remove the shelves and use the level to extend the mark into a 3″ vertical line. Use the level to mark a horizontal line across the centers of these lines.

Step3: Center the middle round hole of the bracket over the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines. Mark the center of each of the oblong holes. Put the bracket aside and drill a 1/4″ hole at each mark. Insert the included wall anchors in the holes. Replace the bracket and insert the screws into the wall anchors and drive the screws.Center the middle round  hole Repeat for the second bracket.

Step4: Remove the shelf from the holders. Slide a holder over a bracket, check that the shelf mount is level, and tighten the setscrew. Repeat with the other holder. Insert the shelf and fix in place.Remove the shelf from the holders. Check the shelf for level. If it’s not level, remove one holder and loosen the bracket screws. Slide the bracket up or down to make the unit level. Replace the holder and shelf.


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