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Bathroom Design Standards


Bathroom Design StandardsCodes and permits are necessary to ensure safety in any remodel. They’re not the most fun to focus on-not like choosing just the right floor covering or deciding between granite or marble countertops-but they are important.[divide color=”#808080″]

  • Plan doorways with a clear floor space equal to the door’s width on the push side and greater than the door’s width on the pull side. Note: Clear floor spaces within the bathroom can overlap.
  • Design toilet enclosures with at least 36″ x 66″ of space; include a pocket door or a door that swings out toward the rest of the bathroom.
  • Install toiletpaper holders approximately 26″ above the floor, toward the front of the toilet bowl.
  • Place fixtures so faucets are accessible from outside the tub or shower. Add antiscald devices to tub and sink faucets (they are required for shower faucets).
  • Avoid steps around showers and tubs, if possible.
  • Fit showers and tubs with safety rails and grab bars.
  • Install shower doors so they swing open into the bathroom, not the shower.
  • Use tempered glass or another type of safety glass for all glass doors and partitions.
  • Include storage for soap, towels, and other items near the shower, located within 15 to 48″ above the floor. These should be accessible to a person in the shower or tub.
  • Provide natural light equal to at least 10% of the floor area in the room.
  • Illuminate all activity centers in the bathroom with task and ambient lighting.
  • Provide a minimum clearance of 15″ from the centerline of sinks to any sidewalls. Double-bowl sinks should have 30″ clearance between bowls from centerline to centerline.
  • Provide access panels for all electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems connections.
  • Include a ventilation fan that exchanges air at a rate of 8 air changes per hour.
  • Choose countertops and other surfaces with edges that are smoothed, clipped, or radiused.


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